Re: [xml] xmlNodeDumpOutput appears to corrupt data; crash follows in xmlStrEqual

On Wed, Jan 08, 2003 at 11:48:07AM -0800, gk wrote:
I have never debugged PHP sources either but looking in 
<php_source>/ext/domxml.c I found this:
The "FIX ME" comment seems to suggest a problem :--)

                 /* FIXME: nodes of type XML_DTD_NODE used to be 
                  * but the DOM Standard doesn't have a DomDtd class. The 
                  * class seems to be want we need and the libxml dtd 
functions are
                  * very much like the methods of DocumentType. I wonder 
what exactly
                  * is the difference between XML_DTD_NODE and 

   Libxml2 generates only XML_DTD_NODE whcih are xmlDtdPtr. 
 XML_DOCUMENT_TYPE_NODE enum is here from DOM early cut'n paste but
never used. A DOCTYPE declaration is associated an xmlDtdPtr kept as
child of the xmlDocPtr (and also recoded in it with a direct pointer).
  But this can't explain why such a node was "magically" created,
why it has bad pointers in it, why it has an XHTML1 strict public ID.

 to me this does not make sense, at all !


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