[xml] LibxmlJ 0.1.1

I've crossposted this to xml gnome org and cp-tools-discuss gnu org in
order to let you know this project exists. If you are interested in
further discussion on LibxmlJ, subscribe to classpathx-discuss gnu org Feedback is very welcome.

LibxmlJ is available as part of GNU ClasspathX. CVS access information


From the README:

> LibxmlJ is an effort to create a 100% JAXP-compatible Java wrapper for
> Libxml2 and Libxslt. JAXP is the Java API for XML processing, Libxml2
> is the XML C library for Gnome, and Libxslt is the XSLT C library for
> Gnome.
> Currently there is only an implementation for the `JAXP API for XML
> Transformations' subset - package javax.xml.transform - and only a
> partial implementation. It should be complete enough to work for a
> number of use cases, though.

LibxmlJ is currently in development, this is preliminary software.
There are known problems, including memory leaks, multi-threading
issues and an incomplete implementation of the JAXP interface. Unit
tests are completely missing. In other words, it's not ready for
production use yet.

On the other hand, it can already prove quiet useful. At least Gjdoc
users can soon benefit from Libxslt's raw speed while at the same time
having full control over which XSLT processor is used, thanks to the
JAXP plug-in architecture.

Alpha-test feedback, suggestions, comments are welcome.


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