Re: [xml] special carater in CDATA

On Wed, Feb 12, 2003 at 04:18:40PM +0100, arnaud wrote:
(i not sure I am in the right list, but hope)

  xslt gnome org would have been better but that's okay.

I have a problem with special carater in CDATA
for exemple
<![CDATA[<]]><![CDATA[br />]]> in xslt
&lt;br /&gt;

or i want <br />

in old version of redhat i haven't this problem

  There was a bug in the old version apparently and it has been fixed
since it's a correct behaviour.
  If you want XHTML1 special formating, make sure your xsl:output ask
for xml output and to add the XHTML1 DOCTYPE system and public ID. I
let you check section 16 of the XHTML1 spec and the XHTML1 spec for the
correct system and public IDs.


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