Re: [xml] empty xmlns attributes

The weirdest thing is that my theory works for me, but doesn't apply 
to your example, because you get correct xmlns in your <a> tags:

Strange thing.  When I accidentally left the <document> tag in the
output, it had an `xmlns="" attribute, but the descendents tags didn't.
And they didn't appear when I ran it through sablotron (but as that
doesn't appear to resolve entities correctly this doesn't exactly say

# ---- OUTPUT ---------------------------
      <i>Generated by <a xmlns=""; href="";>

This lets me believe I've not understood where the real problem is :)

I'm good.  But not that good.  cut-n-paste job I'm afraid.


Although pulling in somebody elses html and parsing it into my own style
would be handy.  Hmmm....


Peter McGarvey
Freelance FreeBSD Hacker
(will work for bandwidth)

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