[xml] how to catch error messages in xmlParseDoc

Hello again ;)

When you use the function xmlParseDoc, if the document is not valid it
messages to stderr like:
"Entity line 3: error: Opening and ending tag mismatch: applicaton and

I'd like to catch that kind of messages and put them into a char*

I tried in adding in my function:

xmlValidCtxt  cvp;
char          *validError;

cvp.userData = validError;
cvp.error    = (xmlValidityErrorFunc) sprintf;
cvp.warning  = (xmlValidityWarningFunc) sprintf;

but I dont know how to bind it with xmlParseDoc...

Can you help me?
thanx a lot
Mansuy DEJEAN <mdejean prosodie com>
Développement & Intégration - Boulogne
Prosodie <http://www.prosodie.com>

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