[xml] Newbee XML parsing questions

I am a total newbee to XML and xml parsing.  I need to be able to build
and parse an XML tree like the one below.  What libxml routines would
you suggest.  The XML is small so would you suggest using DOM?  Also,
you'll see that in my tree I've got "field name =" and "value=".  How do

I access these?  Thank you for any help.  See XML tree below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
     <DTO_Ref ID="OperatorLoginInstance_234121"/>

  <DTO ID="OperatorLoginInstance_234121" name="OperatorLoginInstance"
     <field name="terminalid" value="454363"/>
     <field name="purpose" value="454363"/>
     <field name="uid" value="454363"/>

     <DTO_Relationship name="OperatorRoleLog">
          <DTO_Ref ID="OperatorRoleLog_234000"/>

  <DTO ID="OperatorRoleLog_234000" name="OperatorRoleLog">
     <field name="operatorrole" value="alignment"/>
     <field name="roleinstance" value="bearing1"/>


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