Re: [xml] I got LNK2005 Eror as I compiled the "Keyword Example"

Wei Chen wrote:
Hi Igor,

Thanks to get your reply. I give you tow middle
fingers as well. :-)

Thanks, keep them both, you'll need them shortly :-)

I am succeeded in compiling the Keyword example. Now I
have other three questions:
I downloaded the latest version of libxml2-2.6.3
today. But how can I compile this new package with
MSVC Studio? I mean not using the nmake but directly
with the IDE of MSVC? Could you provide the dsw-file?

I don't have a dsw file. I don't have the IDE. Perhaps someone else on the list can help you with that. Or you can set up the project files yourself, it's trivial.

I visit your web page
""; and see:
"libxml2, the XML parser and processor. " Does it mean
libxml2 is not suitable for parsing HTML-file?

No. It parses HTML as well.

I try to download the binary of libxml2 from your web
(but it's quite slow). If I wirte a program, can I
simply bind this LIB directly?



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