Re: [xml] Keeping entity references unchanged with xmlParseFile

On Tue, Dec 09, 2003 at 10:26:19PM +0100, bvh wrote:
However the reference entities seem to be skipped over completly. For
example for

<para>Foo &agrave; bar</para>

I get simple two text node with "Foo " and " bar" as content under the para node.

Just to be clear : I do get a node with type = XML_ENTITY_REF
but I'd like just to have everyting lumped together in one (or more) text nodes.
(My bad : I should have reread this before sending) Ideally, the parser should
ignore them completly and try not to validate them to a dtd. Not sure if this
would go against the xml standard of some sorts but from a practical POV it
seems to make sense to me.

Character entities get through but are converted to utf-8 encoded. Although
not critical, I'd much rather have them as character entities in the character

Just the same as above I'd like them to stay in &#x0000; form in one (or more)
text nodes.

cu bart


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