[xml] Function declerations and calling convention.

Title: Function declerations and calling convention.

I have a request that all exported functions (or documented functions) in the library have a macro for both exports on windows and also have a macro for calling convention. For an example take to following function declaration.

LIBXML_EXPORT xmlChar *LIBXML_FUNCTION xmlParceFunction();

Then the function definition would be

xmlChar *LIBXML_FUNCTION xmlParceFunction();

Then for every platform and compiler the LIBXML_EXPORT and LIBXML_FUNCTION can be defined and changed to suit your needs.  At present I need all function for windows to be declared as _stdcall instead of the standard _cdecl.  Also using def files are not as useable as export libraries so I use __declspec(dllexport).  On the Mac the default is fine and I set the LIBXML_EXPORT and LIBXML_FUNCTION to be blank.

The problem is that when I go from one version of the libxml to the next published version this becomes a two day job to support the my calling conventions.

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