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Hi all,
thanks for advise, it works. But I have any more the following question:
How can I return data from handler function?
I have something like this:

void validateHandler(void *pUserData, xmlErrorPtr pError){
        // Here I find non-valid element and I need to log it and distribute
        // some information about it to the funciton "validate"

bool validate(){
        xmlSetStructuredErrorFunc(Context, (*validateHandler));
        xmlValidateDocument(Context, Document);
        // Here I need know something like the type of the node which is
        // non-valid.

I can assign anything to pUserData, but I cannot obtain it back in the
"validate" function. I though that it will be written to validation context,
but that were not changed.
If I try to assign it to the pError->ctxt->userData, it crashes with
"Unprivileged Memory Access" message.

Can you advise me again?

Thank you very much

Petr Novak, Liberouter Project

On Tue, Nov 18, 2003 at 04:00:28PM +0100, Enno Rehling wrote:
Petr Novak wrote:

I have some questions about validation document against DTD (or
Relax NG in the future):

1. Is any way how to detect where is non-valid element or
attribute in document? I have parsed XML document (using
xmlParseFile) and DTD in file and I need obtain something
like xmlNodePtr.

I've just gone through the same question, and I found 
xmlSetStructuredErrorFunc() - it lets you define a callback that gets a 
structured error message during the xmlValidate() process, which among 
other things, contains the node that causes the error. Documentation and 
examples are sparse, but with a little bit of poking around, you might find 
what you need.

Don't define the other two warning/error functions, or the structured Error 
won't be called.

2. So I tried validate elements itself. But if I try to validate
some element using xmlValidateElement, it returns always errors
to standart error output that every element in document is not
defined. Why?

Can't help you there, need help myself. I'm also looking for better 
documentation around schemas/dtds/etc, or some good examples to learn from.

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