Re: [xml] Threading on by default

On Thu, Aug 21, 2003 at 11:43:26AM +0100, Dave Beckett wrote:
I noticed that in 2.5.7 " threads now default to on" in the libxml2
configure (April 22) and that caused me debugging problems when I was
using it on Debian, requiring me to build a thread-free version. (It is
the first time I had to kill -9 gdb).

I'm curious why the default was switched.

  Because with Red Hat 9 release, the memory allocator of the thread library
speed problem got fixed, so I felt it was now okay to get wide testing
of this combination. The thread support is needed for some use cases
like when embedded within language runtime (python, PHP, etc...) and
it was about time the system provided version of libxml2 had the switch
on by default.
  If gdb hangs because you compiled a library with thread support, there
is a problem with your version of gdb, that should be reported back.


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