[xml] Release of libxml2-2.5.9

  The monthly release is there:

 This release contains mostly a lot of bug fixes and a few API extensions.
William Brack made an amazing job chasing various bugs and compiler warning
on a variety of platforms. There is still some IPv6 portability issues, either
desactivate IPv6 support of even better provide back portability patches.
- bugfixes: IPv6 portability, xmlHasNsProp (Markus Keim),
  Windows build (Wiliam Brake, Jesse Pelton, Igor), Schemas (Peter Sobisch),
  threading (Rob Richards), hexBinary type (Charles Bozeman),
  UTF-16 BOM (Dodji Seketeli), xmlReader, Relax-NG schemas compilation,
  namespace handling, EXSLT (Sean Griffin), HTML parsing problem
  (William Brack), DTD validation for mixed content + namespaces,
  HTML serialization, library initialization, progressive HTML parser
- better interfaces for Relax-NG error handling (Joachim Bauch)
- adding xmlXIncludeProcessTree() for XInclud'ing in a subtree
- doc fixes and improvements (John Fleck)
- configure flag for -with-fexceptions when embedding in C++
- couple of new UTF-8 helper functions (William Brack)
- general encoding cleanup + ISO-8859-x without iconv (Peter Jacobi)
- xmlTextReader cleanup + enum for node types (Bjorn Reese)
- general compilation/warning cleanup Solaris/HP-UX/IRIX/... (William Brack)

  thanks a lot to those who reported bugs or patches !


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