Re: [xml] Windows threading issues

That works for me.

Both of Stéphane's patches look good to me.  The first is equivalent to
code I've been running with for the last couple of weeks; I'd definitely
vote to commit it.  The second patch looks simple, useful, and safe, so I
think it's appropriate for it to go in as well.

I haven't reviewed those patches yet and a week will pass before I get the
time to do it. An extra vacation unfortunately brings some compressed work
afterwards and that fills me up to the limit.

Whatever. You say you have been using this code for weeks and it works.
Stéphane made the patch so I can safely assume it works for him too. With
that, there is no need to comment further on it. If noone proves faster,
I'll apply it sometime during the next week.

I'd love to see these patches applied before the next release, but I'm in
hurry otherwise.  Unless another release is imminent, let's give Igor a
chance to surface.  (He did say a while back that he was having too much
this summer to bother with work, or something like that...)

And may the time be a wheel, to have this summer repeat again and again. :-)


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