Re: [xml] Bug 81360

On Tue, Apr 08, 2003 at 11:16:59AM +0200, Oliver Fischer wrote:

I took a look at the bug database and found this entry:

I think the idea is not so bad. Even I would like to have german 
messages from xmllint and xsltproc. IMHO it is possible to use 
gettext and to be portable, since it is possible to compile with and 
without gettext support via some #define statements.

  I stand firm that current libxml2 and libxslt messages are not
intended for end-users as is. You will need an interpretation layer.
that layer then can rely on gettext or whatever localization
mechanism you have available.
  I'm not enthusiastic at all about binding libxml2/libxslt with
gettext. I'm even less thrilled about the perspective of managing
translation for the various localization mechanism put in place in
all the different platforms supported by libxml2. I see a lot of 
work, and little result, you can try to convince me otherwise, but
it's gonna take more than just "the idea is not so bad"...


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