RE: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.25

I don't see any tags (i.e. LIBXML_2_4_25) in cvs.  Are they forthcoming?
(also true for libxslt)...

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Subject: [xml] Release of libxml2-2.4.25

  The new code is available at the usual places: and Gnome FTP mirrors

 This release contains more than the usual set of bug fixes, a number
of things have been revamped, most notably the DTD validation code which
now reuses the regexp core inherited from the XML Schemas work, the
XInclude engine and the way Windows file paths gets interpreted:

* A number of bug fixes: XPath, validation, Python bindings, DOM and tree,
  xmlI/O, Html
* Serious rewrite of XInclude
* Made XML Schemas regexp part of the default build and APIs, small fixes
  and improvement of the regexp core
* Changed the validation code to reuse XML Schemas regexp APIs
* Better handling of Windows file paths, improvement of Makefiles
  (Igor, Daniel Gehriger, Mark Vakoc)
* Improved the python I/O bindings, the tests, added resolver and regexp
* New logos from Marc Liyanage
* Tutorial improvements: John Fleck, Christopher Harris
* Makefile: Fixes for AMD x86_64 (Mandrake), DESTDIR (Christophe Merlet)
* removal of all stderr/perror use for error reporting
* Better error reporting: XPath and DTD validation
* update of the trio portability layer (Bjorn Reese)


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