[xml] Re: If LibXML SAX interface supports DTD?


I have a look at the source code of libxml, and because Gnome
implementation of SAX interfaces is in C language, so it looks not so
similar to the SAX standard interfaces. Arabica has implemented SAX2 in
C++ ,which more like SAX interfaces. It provides uniform SAX2 wrappers
for the expat <http://www.libexpat.org/> parser, Xerces
<http://xml.apache.org/xerces-c/index.html> , libxml
<http://www.xmlsoft.org> and for the Microsoft XML parser
<http://msdn.microsoft.com/xml> COM component. The SAX in C++ support
DTD. For libxml wrapper, it use libxml interfaces of XMLParserDtd and
some related structs. May be if we want to support SAX/SAX2 features of
validation, we should learn something from Arabica .


Michael Mi wrote:


I have a question. Is SAX interface in libxml2 support DTD?

I have read the "nice document" of James Henstridge
<mailto:james daa com au> . It seems that Libxml SAX interface doesn't
support DTD. I am not sure what date this document is writen, so I
want to know whether the situation is the same by now.



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