Re: [xml] RelaxNG support...

I know schema support is under development, but I'm curious as to
whether or not libxml will support RelaxNG at some point or if there
are any plans for that.   -sc

  I think I read the spec once and found it relatively simple, and
so far I tried to design all the core validation mechanism of
schemas to be flexible enough for being able to plug other
validation engine, so yes if I get time/energy or someone else feels
the pressure to implement it, it will be done.

  But of course I can't guarantee anything :-\

Don't sweat it.  So long as there's nothing technologically
prohibitive (didn't think there was though), I'm good to go.  I'm
working with a group of other ruby folk to develop the rubydoc
standard where XML would be the compiled document format (inline doc
-> XML).

DTD's are ancient, schema's are good, but wordy, and RelaxNG seems to
be the buzz of the day... but no one's written anything for it
(parsers, tools, or otherwise).  Much thanks.  -sc

Sean Chittenden

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