[xml] xmlDocContentDumpOutput() should be exposed in API

I am writing a wrapper for outputting a document to a (privately defined) memory buffer list. I followed the example, and used my own xmlOutputBufferPtr with my private structure (struct smgbuflist ) in the context member. I ended up with the following piece of code - plagiarized from xmlSaveFormatFileEnc() :-)
int save_format_xml_to_buflist(xmlDocPtr pdoc, struct smgbuflist *pbl, const char *encoding, int format)
    if(!(pob=mg_buflist_outputbuffer_new(pbl, handler)))GOTO_ERROR;
    xmlDocContentDumpOutput(pob, pdoc, encoding, format);
Unfortunately, xmlDocContentDumpOutput() is static to tree.c.
I made it global and added its declaration in tree.h , and everything runs smoothly.
I think that this function should be exposed, as it is *the* primitive for doing any kind of output.
Any comments?
Michel Gouget

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