Re: [xml] attach a local catalog

Daniel Veillard wrote:

> parser.c:    ctxt->catalogs = xmlCatalogAddLocal(ctxt->catalogs, URL);
> you will have to do something similar (i.e. add the catalog programmatically
> to the parsing context).

Yes, I want a per-document catalog. The context for this request is a threaded server managing different sets of documents. I would like for <xsl:include href="http://me/include.xsl"/> or <xsl:include href="local://include.xsl"/> to look for include.xsl in the thread's set of documents only, not in some generic set, or in the wrong set.

Using the xmlCatalogAddLocal() function, I'll need to write a file out, and then pass in a URL so that it can be read back in. What I really need to do is have a per-document catalog with a specific rewrite rule in it. I can pass in a URL to read a blank catalog, that's fine; but I'd like to be able to add items to the catalog without putting them in a text file and reading them in by specifyign a URL to that text file. In other words, I'd like to have a function to add a rule to the local catalog. It would also be nice to be able to add a catalog without needing to pass in a URL; for instance, by passing in an xmldocptr ... I will not always be able to write files to disk, so having a method for defning local uri rewrite rules for a document programmatically will be useful.


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