Re: [xml] Correction for Tutorial Code

On Wed, Oct 30, 2002 at 05:51:08PM +0000, niraj tolia wrote:

So I was looking at the Tutorial Code 
( and saw that it leaks memory. I 
was wondering if this could be fixed as it is entirely non-clear to first 
time users of libxml as to what the semantics of functions like 
xmlNodeListGetString() are. The sample code (eg makes it look like the function 
simply returns a pointer to a string.

However you need to go through the API to find out that the function 
actually allocates memory that the caller needs to free. I would appreciate 
it if an xmlFree() was put in there. The same applies for calls such as 

Thanks. I will try to fix this.

Could you do me a favor and file a bug report at (the
product is libxml2 and the component is docs) so this doesn't get lost?


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