Re: [xml] Strange segmentation fault on Win32 with htmlCreatePushParserCtxt

It seems that the issue is due to threads. As soon as I start using more
one thread in my application, I'm get this null ptr dereference. Has anyone
else found any problems with using libxml2 under win32 with threads?

whenever I call htmlCreatePushParserCtxt later on. The stack trace of
the problem is as follows

xmlGetGlobalState + 15 bytes <--------- NULL pointer dereference.
__xmlDefaultBufferSize + 24 bytes
xmlBufferCreate + 66 bytes
xmlAllocParserInputBuffer + 72 bytes
htmlCreatePushParserCtxt + 22 bytes

If I remove the call to xmlInitParser, every thing is ok. I'm not sure if
is user error, library configuration (I'vI enabled threads when building
or an actual bug. (I'm thinking user error at the moment).

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