Re: Re: [xml] about the xmllib's shema

hi there. 

i compiled it in the commandline correctly. thanks for your help.
your work on this project is wanderful! my failure is because i didn't
read the readme.txt carefully. now my project file isn't work also, but
i work with the command line well. it's enough. thank you again.

best wish to you!


warmice wrote:
 thanks for your help first.
 i download the binary lib. but i want the source code, because i can give some
 else compile /MTd etc. can you give me your version's source code?

My version of the source code is precisely the current CVS. Get the CVS 

 i download the 2.4.26 package from the gnome ftp site. but it lose the wsockcompat.h
 and there isn't the iconv.h. 

Yeah, I haven't shown the wits to add the new file to the packaging system 
after inventing it :-) My fault. I am attaching it to this message, hoping 
that people who miss it would find it in the archives. It belongs into the 
include subdirectory.

Iconv is not a part of libxml, but is a library libxml depends upon. Get it 
from where you got the libxml binaries.

 the readme.txt told me, i can change the options in the xmlwin32version.h to get
 the optional features. but i didn't found the libxml_schemas_enabled in it. so i think
 this version can't support the schemas in the windows platform at all.but i can't 
 get the later version now. can you help me?
 in the read me file, i found this line :
 5. January 2002, Igor Zlatkovic < igor stud fh-frankfurt de> 

I said, read the readme.txt in win32 subdirectory, not the one in win32\dsp. :-)

 so i think it's so old. hehe ,do you have new stable release now? and may i 
 have a copy? thanks a lot.

No, there is nothing new for the win32\dsp branch. I neither own nor use the 
VC IDE since some time now. It seems that most others don't use it either, 
for the reports about bad DSP files are almost nonexistent.

 i try to change my project file, but i'm failed.
 i add the libxml_schemas_enabled macro in the xmlwin32version.h. and then i must add
 the libxml_regexp_enabled macro too. i added them, then there are some link error:

This will solve itself when you consult the right readme.txt :-)

 i found out this API declare in the libxml-py.c, i add this file in the project
 but at the top of this file,there a #include < Python.h> , i don't know
 where could i find it. can you help me? thanks.

What in God's Name are you compiling? Consult the win32/Makefile.msvc for 
the list of files which must be compiled.

I guess my readmes are not clear enough. I'll have to work more on these, it 


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