Re: [xml] unresolved .fpclassify under AIX


At Tue, 22 Oct 2002 20:50:52 +0200,
Wolfram Nücker wrote:

I have trouble building libxml-2.4.25 under AIX. 
Problem is unresolved symbol .fpclassify from trionan.c.
The line "#elif defined(FP_PLUS_NORM) || defined(__hpux)" assumes you get fpclassify with FP_PLUS_NORM, but 
the  following comment only relates to HPUX, so better use && instead of || ?
AIX seems to have related function for fpclassify as "class" (or "_class" for C++ ;-)

Wolfram Nücker

I've also enconter same problem and filed bugreport.

I attached ad-hoc patch I'm currently using.

  KUSANO Takayuki <URL:>

--- libxml2-2.4.25/trionan.c.orig       Wed Oct 16 20:48:44 2002
+++ libxml2-2.4.25/trionan.c    Wed Oct 16 20:48:06 2002
@@ -649,7 +649,11 @@
    * HP-UX 9.x and 10.x have an fpclassify() function, that is different
    * from the C99 fpclassify() macro supported on HP-UX 11.x.
+#if defined(_AIX)
+  switch (class(number)) {
   switch (fpclassify(number)) {
   case FP_QNAN:
   case FP_SNAN:
     *is_negative = TRIO_FALSE;

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