[xml] How to use xmlIOParseDTD ?

Sorry for this dummy question, but I fail to use the xmlIOParseDTD function.
I browse the documentation, the xmlsoft.org site and google since a few
days, and I can't find my answer.

My problem is that I would like to use a DTD from memory, and not from an
external file. Here is the code snipet:

int some_function(char *envelop,
                  /*OUT*/char **msgname,
                  char **content) {

  static xmlDtdPtr msg_dtd=NULL;
  /* initialize the envelop DTD if needed */
  if (!msg_dtd) {
    const char* dtd=
      "<!ELEMENT message ANY><!ATTLIST message name CDATA #REQUIRED>\n";
    fprintf(stderr,"XSG: Parse the DTD\n");
    if (!msg_dtd) {
              "XSG: Damnit! Error while parsing message envelop DTD.\n");
      return MSG_FATAL;

The execution produce the following output:
XSG: Parse the DTD
Entity: line 1: error: Content error in the external subset
Entity: line 1: error: Extra content at the end of the document
XSG: Damnit! Error while parsing message envelop DTD.

The dtd seems valid to me, but the function don't like it...

Again, I'm sorry for such a lamer question, but I'm kinda lost here.
Thanks, Mt.

Si les grands esprits se rencontrent, les petits esprits, eux, se cognent.

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