Re: [xml] when to call initGenericErrorDefaultFunc()

Hi there,

On Tuesday, October 22, 2002, at 03:11 PM, Stefan Kost wrote:

Daniel, would it be possible to add a page to like "Memory Management" etc. which describes how to properly intercept error messages.

This is exactly where I had difficulties too. I wanted to intercept the messages to display them in a GUI (OS X / Cocoa in my case).

I register my handler like this:

xsltSetGenericErrorFunc(self, (xmlGenericErrorFunc)xsltErrorHandler);

The signature of the handler is

    void xsltErrorHandler(id self, const char *message, ...)

I basically parse the format string to find out about va_args which are interesting to me...

You can see it in context at XSLTProcessorLibxslt.m

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