Re: [xml] relative references for memory-originated documents?

On Tue, Oct 15, 2002 at 12:42:43AM +0200, Marc Liyanage wrote:


I cannot figure out how to do this by looking at the API docs.

I have a stylesheet which is originally loaded from disk into an editor 
window / into memory.
 From memory it is later parsed and applied. My problem is that the 
stylesheet may contain relative references to other documents, i.e 
xsl:import or xsl:include, but the original location on disk of the 
file is not visible to the processor, because I parsed from a memory 
buffer and not from a file.

I expected to find some API call that allows me to supply the processor 
with a base path against which all relative references can be resolved 
for this particular stylesheet. I used such a call in Java/JAXP in a 
similar situation.

How should I do this?

  update doc->URL just after the XML parsing.


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