[xml] xmllint and namespaces

Hi Stefan,
you are absolutly right: Put the namspace into the DTD definitions.
The colon isn't a special character in xml names (ok, not completly). And
DTDs aren't aware of its use in the namspace recommendation.
There is nothing special regarding libxml.


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Hi hi,

I am sure this has been aksed bevor but wasn't succesful in 
the mail-archive.
I've just tried to use

xmllint --noout --valid test.xml

on test.xml :

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<!DOCTYPE giml SYSTEM "/opt/gitk/share/gitk/giml.dtd">
<giml:giml xmlns:giml="http://gitk.sourceforge.net/";>

a fragment of the dtd :

<!ELEMENT giml (context+)>
<!ELEMENT context (#PCDATA)>

and get the following output:

test.xml:6: validity error: Element giml content doesn't 
follow the DTD
Expecting (context)+, got (giml:context )

this looks to me as libxml2 would like me to put the name 
space into the dtd, 
which I don't belive is the right thing to do.

Any ideas?

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