Re: [xml] Status on Python Schemas support?

On Tue, Oct 08, 2002 at 04:21:16PM +0200, Bill Eldridge wrote:

Wondering what needs to be done to use Schemas
with Python at this point.

  Make the schemas interfaces part of the official API, rerun
the script, and try to fix manually any problem
with the few APIs exported yet, add a few tests.
  The main problem is that the current libxml2 XML Schemas
support is quite limited, there are bugs too, and that is the hard
part and the reason why I didn't made it part of the official API yet.

Also, there's a dtd2schema converter in the Python pyxml
that might be useful to steal from.  (I found a few basic
errors I corrected in it, so it might need some work
for more complicated dtd's.)

  Well except libxml2 schemas implementation is in C, reuse ain't that


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