Re: [xml] [PATCH 2.4.25] VMS build update

Bjorn Reese wrote:
"Craig A. Berry" wrote:

The trio changes are fine. I recommend that they'll be committed (I've
already added them to the trio baseline; thanks Craig.)

Thank you.

triodef.h undef's C99 support for VMS since even though recent versions
of the compiler report a _STDC_VER of 1999L, the C run-time is still
missing functions like nan() and strtof().

Strange. According to my reading of C99 __STDC_VERSION__ can only be
set to the C99 value if it fully conforms to C99, which includes
library support. Apparently the Digital people (or whatever their
nom de jour is) thought differently. I guess you learn something new
every day.

I think your reading of the standard is correct (and I did mean
__STDC_VERSION__, not _STDC_VER). I think the library is maintained as
part of the OS but the compiler is developed by a separate group that
maintains both the Tru64 and OpenVMS versions. The compiler should check
the library version and report its own standards level based on that,
but it apparently doesn't. This by way of explanation, not excuse.

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