Re: [xml] Windows build

Hi Igor, All,

That is clean, yes. The problem is that we don't have a fixed set of
compiler-features, but every compiler has its own oddities. Common features
are rare. What I thought is rather something like

  #ifdef __MSVCRT__
  #undef snprintf
  #define snprintf _snprintf

But this is a perfect example of a common feature. Every compiler strictly 
complying to ANSI/ISO (before C99) was bound not to use "snprintf".

So without a compiler/feature split, you keep getting requests for "||" 
clauses in the above conditional.

Eh? I never included windows.h. 

That doesn't help, as (Gott strafe Microsoft!) winsock.h and winsock2.h 
includes windows.h. Use any of the Win32 headers and most likely the 
rest of gang will follow.

I disagree with that school as well. I wonder what makes you think I would
follow that lead? Am I missing something?

Without actually checking the newest CVS version, I was under the 
impression that limiting inclusion of winsock.h will be dropped.

Peter Jacobi

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