Re: [xml] Windows build

Hi Igor, All,

I'm in major time troubles and so I haven't tested the newest tarball and 
can't promise to do so the next days.

To keep the oddball compilers (Watcom, Metrowerks) happy on WIN32,
I just want to suggest following approach:

1. Keep the JavaScript configuration step as transparent as possible so 
that it can be done by a human instead.

2. Don't do messy  
#if (defined(_MY_COMPILER) || defined(__YOUR_COMPILER__) ||
on many places.

Seperate compilers and features:

The compiler part:



The feature part

#undef snprintf
#define snprintf _snprintf

3. Beware of those windows headers.
The win32 headers declaring zillions of macros and 
functions are a *bad* thing. Don't force their inclusion
if it can be avoided.
I know there is the #include <everything> and pre-compile
school but I strongly disagree.

Peter Jacobi

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