RE: [xml] python bindings on windows


What I don't quite understand: Why does in libxml 
require and 
handle libxslt? Libxml can very well be used without libxslt 
and so can its 
python bindings be used without those of libxslt, no?

It's for easier packaging. However if libxslt files is not present
in gnome-xml/python, will not attempt to create 
the libxslt binding (I have not tested that very much, though).
Also, why does the same handle iconv.dll? Iconv has 
nothing to do 
with libxml. It is a separate piece of software and it is up 
to the end user 
to decide wether and how to install that.

Following the same logic, one could say that libxml2.dll and
libxslt.dll are separate pieces of software, living more or
less independently of the python bindings. 

That's why I put the WITHDLLS option in 
If WITHDLLS is true (the default) libxml2.dll,
libxslt.dll and iconv.dll are put in the same package as the 
python bindings, so you get a nice standalone package for
the bindings with all their dependencies. 

However, if WITHDLLS is false, the package for the python bindings
does not include the libxml dlls nor iconv.dll (just like on unix)
and the user must install those separately. 

I think that WITHDLLS=1 is not only easier but 
really safer (it avoids version conflicts),
but in specific situations, you can still use WITHDLLS=0.


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