Re: [xml] 2.4.27 thread problems

It seems to be caused
by the changing of the line

   initxmlDefaultSAXHandler(sax, xmlGetWarningsDefaultValue);

to become

   memcpy(sax, &xmlDefaultSAXHandler, sizeof(xmlSAXHandler));

  Well, stupid me, I can't see any reason why the change
work (or, more precisely, why this should not be thread-safe).

I can understand it being not thread safe because the memcpy does
not take an exclusive lock before trying to access this global
variable. If another thread modifies it at the same time anything
can happen.

I understand the principle of requiring locks, but in this
particular case (program testThreads) I fail to see where any
"modification" is being made to the structure.  The structure
xmlDefaultSAXHandler is preset within global.c (with 'initialized'
set to 0), then when the first thread does its parsing it is re-set
(by xmlDefaultSAXHandlerInit called from xmlInitParserCtxt) and
'initialized' is set to 1.  After that, the structure should no
longer be modified (but I'm pretty well convinced that it is, and
the modification is causing the crash!  It's just that I can't,
despite a couple of hours of searching and debugging, find where it

I fully agree with your comments on a better change being required
for the "general case".  My concern is that I need to prove to
myself that the crash is fully explained.  I always dread falling
into the trap of "It was raining; my program crashed; therefore, the
crash must be because of the rain" :-)


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