Re: [xml] Memory leak in xmlSAXParseMemory

On Mon, Nov 11, 2002 at 08:42:29PM -0800, Peter Jones wrote:
I found a small memory leak in xmlSAXParseMemory. It calls
xmlCreateMemoryParserCtxt, which calls xmlNewParserCtxt, which then
calls xmlInitParserCtxt, which finally calls xmlMalloc for a new

If a xmlSAXHandler pointer is given to xmlSAXParseMemory, the one
allocated in xmlInitParserCtxt will be leaked. The attached patch
(ctxt-sax.patch) contains a fix.

  Hum, okay, a long time ago the sax field was filled with a reference
with the default SAX table instead of a copy, that may explain how this
leak appeared.

I also noticed that there is no xmlSAXParseMemoryWithData function. The
second attached patch (withdata.patch) implements one and changes
xmlSAXParseMemory so that it is implemented in terms of

  Okay, applied too,



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