Re: [xml] Downloading libxml

On Thu, Nov 07, 2002 at 04:48:04PM -0600, ericzen wrote:
The link: is an empty directory.
Small hampering of my would-be GarNome experience.

  In a nutshell, use http:

[23:55:26] <DV> Dohhh ... is empty !!!
[23:55:53] * jdub comes to DV's rescue
[23:55:56] <jdub> looks fine to me
[23:56:01] <jdub> but i'm looking at http
[23:56:17] <Stric> DV: It isn't.. we're having some weird problems with passive ftp and some clients though :/
[23:56:29] <DV> Stric: ahhh ...
[23:56:31] <Stric> reload or change to http
[23:56:43] <jdub> http is teh suck
[23:56:45] * Stric should really have a look at that some day
[23:56:57] <DV> jdub: it concerns you because I just got a mail saying this was breaking garnome for them
[23:57:44] <DV> jdub: http is good, caching, proxies, redirrect, persistant connexions, there is a lot of 
reasons to default to http :-)
[23:58:00] <jdub> DV: mmm, GARNOME defaults to http


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