Re: [xml] python bindings on windows

Hi Stéphane,

Since I commented it out, it's definitely not needed on Windows.


The adapted is attached.
I've tried to change only where necessary.
A diff with should show what I intended
to do better than long explanations.

Thanks. I'll risk a glance.

Actually, I don't want to make a windows installer for libxml.
(I think it's better for each application to have a private copy of it).
What I want to do, is to make a windows installer for
the python bindings, because this is how it is traditionally
done in the world of python on windows, using distutils. And I find it easier and safer for the python bindings to have their private copy of the libxml dlls.

In my experience, the windows installers produced by distutils
are pretty bulletproof.


Building and packaging python extensions is traditionally
done using python's distutils (, also on windows.
What I would suggest is using configure.js to create from, and then run to
build and package the python extensions.

In the attached, I've put a few comments
where I think things could be generated by configure.js
(look for the string "TBC" in the file).

Good, I agree.

Igor, if you wish to try it out, all you need is
a python 2.x installation. Below, I've also pasted the script
I use to build libxml, libxslt, and the python bindings.

Okay. I have the Python installation (ActiveState) because I tried to make these bindings work before. I failed and haven't shown the wits to investigate any deeper, for I don't use Python and know little about it beyond its name.

Thanks. I'll try it out and post the results.


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