RE: [xml] python bindings on windows

BTW, which version did you build for ?

Libxml and libxslt CVS HEAD checked out on sunday, 
Python 2.2.
What compiler did you use ?


Anyway, I'd like to try them, are your python modules available
somewhere ?

I'll do that. Stay tuned.
This seems to be a nice workaroud for the case when you want to have
many different libxml2.dll's , and should also work when you have
libxml2.dll in %SYSTEMROOT%\system32.

That change is fairly straightforward, and should not break any
existing code since (as I understand it) libxml2mod is normally 
not imported directly. 

You could try to put libxml2mod.pyd in the directory libxml2mod and do
"from libxml2mod import *" in libxml2mod/ so you don't need
to change at all.

Interesting trick but I see a problem with libxsltmod
(which depends on libxslt.dll, which in turn depends
on libxml2 that would be in another directory):

libxml2mod/ # from libxml2mod import *
libxsltmod/ # from libxml2mod import *
libxsltmod/libxslt.dll # !!! depends on libxml2.dll !!!!

Maybe the libxsltmod package could do a similar trick to import
libxsltmod.pyd from the libxml2mod directory
(maybe by changing sys.path temporarily)?

In the meantime, the that I posted manages
to adapt and during the build
process (they are generated anyway), 
so it does not require changes to the unix side.


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