Re: [xml] HOWTO build libxml2 with minGW & pthreads-win32

This is correct. But, Mingw and MSC use the same runtime. The binary code made by these two compilers is compatible in most cases, but not in all. Pthreads-win32 maintainer offers different binaries for usage with MS and GNU compiler, so that seems to be one of these problematic cases.

More, I myself expirience a trash somewhere in pthreads even if everything has been compiled with the same compiler. I'll take a look at this soon.

You are absolutely right that everything should be compiled with the same compiler now.


Aleksey Sanin wrote:
I am not Igor but I think I know the reason. So if you don't mind, I'll answer. On Windows
there are several different C runtime libraries and you'll have problems if
       - your library is compiled with C runtime 1;
       - your program is compiled with C runtime 2'
- memory, allocated in library (i.e. runtime 1), is freed by program (i.e. runtime 2). IMHO, most simple solution would be to get LibXML2 sources and re-compile it with minGW by yourself. Another option is to switch to MS Visual Studio and use Igor's binaries.

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