Re: [xml] building libxml2 on HP


Here is my report in someone else runs into the same problem:

Finally I am done with installing all the libraries and XML  Perl modules

The combination that worked best for me was:
GNU make

Most important -  before trying to  install Perl modules that depend on libxml2:

must set SHLIB_PATH  to include  the path to  libxml2 shared library

assuming that you used the default:

export  SHLIB=/usr/local/lib

also, make sure that the config  files have execute permission:


they did not have +x after they were installed by 'make install'
and it took me a while to realize that this was my problem

or one can use:

perl Makefile.PL LIBS='-L/path/to/lib' INC='-I/path/to/include'

thank you all for helping,

Rozi Kovesdi

Bjorn Reese wrote:

Rozi Kovesdi wrote:

I am still struggling with libxml2
I ended up installing GNU gcc and compiled with gcc

Will libxml compile if you use cc (not gcc) with the -Ae option?
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