Re: [xml] too many mallocs?

Hi there.

I didn't want to be negative, or criticize for
its own sake.

Don't worry, you were not taken as a critic, at least not by me.

On a rather mediocre WNT system, my xmllint needs
260ms per iteration (Igor's MSFT version needs 410ms,
at least I can outperform this!). Of these 260ms, over
100ms are spent in malloc and free, and another large
part in related activities (_stos amd xmlStrndup).

Well, my version and its oddities go onto Microsoft's account, for their
tools produced the binary :-) And they have excused themselves. Recently
xsltproc trashed because I failed detecting a pointer to garbage and a
dialog box came up saying that Microsoft is sorry for the incenvenience :-)

Parsing the libxml2 API document (490k) is slower, showing
that attributes are more expensive than elements, using 400ms
(690ms) with about the same absolute time spent in malloc
and friends.

Do your watcom-produced binaries need a special C-runtime? If not, can you
send me those somehow?


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