Re: [xml] xmllint --noblanks will not strip ignoreable whitespaces

On Thu, May 16, 2002 at 01:34:09PM +0200, Christian Glahn wrote:
ok, i found the spec a bit unclear at this point (or is it just me?): 
the document i tested was:


i assumed the leading and trailing spaces (including the \n) within the xml 
tag as ignoreable whitespace in order of section 2.10 of the XML spec. those 

  they are definitely *not* ignorable !!!

First without DTD validation processing:
"An XML processor must always pass all characters in a document that
 are not markup through to the application."
one can hardly be clearer

And in this case your tag has non-markup content and then any white space
are part of that content.

i ask this because XSLT ignores any leading or trailing whitespace within 
the element's characters.

  I'm not sure I understand, but this sounds seriously wrong !


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