[xml] using libEXSLT

I am currently still using XSLTproc using libxml 20415, libxslt 10012 and libexslt 704
I see that exslt is supported. Is there a way to get a list of which EXSLT functions are actually implemented for this version(besides searching the whole source code :-) ??
There are many EXSLT funtions, according to the EXSLT website, that have not been implemented by anyone as of yet. I am especially interested in a function that could evaluate a string as an Xpath _expression_.
P.S. This might be interesting for you:
With the use of the liblxsltmod-LIBSXLT python wrapper, I was successful in building my DOS LibXSLT port into my MS-DOS Python 2.2.1 port. Now Python does both - run scripts AND process XSLT ;-)

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