[xml] Small BSDI 4.x compatibility fix nanohttp.c

Hi Daniel,

hereby a patch for nanohttp.c (and related config) against release 2.4.19.

The struct ns_tsig_key is defined in arpa/nameser.h on bsdi 4.x.

I've made the fix 'generic' as I don't know if other platforms might have
the same problems.

Otherwise you might use

#ifdef __bsdi__


Hopes this helpes.

Further more, the 'base' tests fail, on the --shell option not being available,
I guess because I didn't add --with-history nor --with-readline.

Best regards,

Melvyn Sopacua
WebMaster IDG.nl
If it applies, where it applies - this email is a personal
contribution and does not reflect the views of my employer

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