Re: [xml] XPath fix

On Fri, Mar 22, 2002 at 10:28:30AM -0000, Richard Jinks wrote:

Found a small bug in xmlXPathCastToString() in xpath.c
Had problems getting wierd results if the XPath result was a string (e.g.
"string('Hello')" = "ÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝÝ)p)" )
Noticed that all other cases in xmlXPathCastToString() create a new string
apart from case XPATH_STRING, which just returns the stringval itself. As I
was already freeing the XPathObject results object, the memory was getting
Fix just involves returning a duplicate of the string, and now you are
always responsible for freeing the string returned separately, regardless of
what type of result it is.

  Hum, right, that's sensible. This doesn't seem to introduce memory
leak either so I assume that path was simply never used in the regression
tests. I made the change, thanks.

As a heads up, I'm working on a fix for one of the number expressions -
libxml returns 1 for the expression "5.46 mod 2.6". Apparently, according to
the xsl-list, it should return "0.26" (Something to do with Java doing
floating point mods, C only doing integer mods).

  Section 3.5 of the XPath spec states:
    "This is the same as the % operator in Java and ECMAScript."
    "This is not the same as the IEEE 754 remainder operation,
     which returns the remainder from a rounding division."

 So they may be right, I hate those parts where XPath/XSLT relies on Java
for the semantic of operations, it is usually a mess.


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