RE: [xml] RFC: New build process on Windows/MSVC

Hello Peter,

One of my NT4 boxes has WSH 5.6 for reasons unknown.

That is the version I have on XP.

And even the NT4 box I tried to keep free from from strange
Microsoft technology has WSH 5.0.

It is probably the Internet Explorer. You did install one, right? Every IE newer than 2.0 brings the WSH with 
it, I think. After all, IE uses WSH for client-side script execution.

I would like to see the new stuff, to judge about 
adaptability to other 
compilers (Watcom and MetroWerks).

Sure, but you will have to wait until later today. I amm in the office now and all the stuff I have left at 
home. I made it with 2.4.16 and would like to test it with 2.4.18 and see if it ticks. Unfortunately, I was 
denied CVS access last evening (actually the CVS server didn't respond), perhaps the box was under 

I'll post the files later today (or in the early morning hours, about 1:00 or so, depends on how log I stay 
in the office :-)


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