Re: [xml] Country specific letters

On Sat, Mar 16, 2002 at 02:29:58AM +0100, Antoine Rennuit wrote:
===>  node = xmlNewChild(node, NULL, (const unsigned char *)"DESCRIPTION",
(const xmlChar*)"a text with &, é, à... that is special letters");
Hello, I have this code (see above), which works quite well, until I put the
line with the arrow : it doesn't want to read the document when I want to
insert an element with special letters like &, é, à... I think it's a
problem of encoding, what is the code I must add, if I want to read quite
well what I wrote?

  Please read the doc !

  You *must* convert your text to UTF8 before inserting it in the tree.
  Use the isolat1ToUTF8() function to do this.


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