Re: [xml] invalid SAX context in xmlParseReference()

On Fri, Mar 15, 2002 at 02:36:46AM +0100, guillaume pernot wrote:

in xmlParseReference(), we should give sax handlers valid context (held in userData).

  Well it's really complex. Basically if you use SAX, there is no storage
for the entities defined. You would have to catch all the callbacks to
redo libxml2 DOM builder entity support.

but this breaks "make tests". does anybody can see why ?

  I went though it a couple of time one year ago. And didn't found
a good way to accomodate both the DOM building and SAX. Since DOM
is far more important for the use cases I target I didn't tried to really
get this fixed.
  You can try, as long as it doesn't break the default behaviours.


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