[xml] Dismise of the --with-buffers configure option

  Back in 1999 libxml tree builder was very slow building text node with
very large content. I got a patch contributed which solved this by changing
node content from a single xmlChar*  to an xmlBuffer . In the meantime
the original problem got solved and the code base has evolved a lot. 
Most of the code accessing node content had to 


each and every time direct access was needed. Needless to say this is
very tedious to maintain and didn't got maintained well. At that point
the original intent of that patch seems to not make sense anymore and this
introduce a maintainance and reliability hazard. It is also kind of a
nightmare when one think in term of API freeze and bulding standard blocks
on top of libxml2.
  I have taken the firm decision to drop the --with-buffers configure option
in the next release, since I'm afraid I just got bitten again with it
(see bug #74186), so if you have a very good and compelling reason to
not do this please speak now,


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