Re: [xml] Problem keeping track of the base URI of included documents

On Fri, Mar 08, 2002 at 06:56:25PM +0100, Benjamin Habegger wrote:
I am having problems getting my references right when using libxml with
After the inclusion my reference to the file hello is wrong since the
base URI of test.xml and other.xml is not the same. As I understood it
in the W3C specifiation of XInclude(
an xml:base attribute infoset should have been added to the toplevel

  Yep that's a problem I didn't want to fix before the CR version got
published (that was not in the previous public draft). I will fix it

Is this a bug in libxml2 (I have version 2.4.16) or did I misunderstand
or miss something in the specifiation ?

  No, you're right,


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