Re: [xml] Generating a correct xml2-config for use with --libs

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 01:33:38PM +0100, Gary Pennington wrote:
Daniel Veillard wrote:
Maybe Solaris doesn't need this, but then please make the patch conditional
to Solaris first (unless I misunderstood something).

I didn't think this was Solaris specific...

An application need only link against libraries it explicitly uses. If 
foo uses networking code, then it should link with the appropriate 
networking libraries. If however, foo's only "use" of networking is 
performed by libxml2, then it is libxml2 which needs to link with the 
networking libraries and not foo.

  I don't think this statement is portable, sorry ! There are systems
where libraries can't record those informations.


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